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                                Dumbarton SAC:  Dive Diary 2011

3 Jan               Alex and Alan Robertson go diving on Big Cumbrae. 

                        The club go diving at Fan Belt Alley.  Trip reports for both in 'Forum'


9 Jan              Dives at Council Yard, Loch Fyne


16 Jan         Dive at Drishaig, Loch Fyne.  Very poor viz so only one dive


23 Jan         Two dives at Garrien. Charlie found another Octopus.


30 Jan         Dives West of Farland Point and Wishing Well, Big Cumbrae.


6 Feb           Dives at Bistro & Loch Shira. Still only 8 degrees.


13 Feb         Two dives at Tarbert, Loch Fyne for Charlie & Allan


20 Feb         Dives at John's Corner and St Catherines


24 Feb         Evening dive at Twin Piers


27 Feb         Dives at Rubha Na Croiche, Loch Riddon & Lephinmore, Loch Fyne.  A

                   cracking early spring day. Still only 7 degrees.


5 March       Dives for Alex on Wallachia and Trail Island, Wee Cumbrae from

                  MV Flying Eagle. Last ever commercial dive trip for John Teevan.


6 March       Two dives at Council Yard, Loch Fyne


12 & 13 Mar Alex & Alan Robertson join Rebel Alliance & BAWSAC

                   for two days diving on MV Peregrine in the Sound of Mull,

                   in snow and freezing winds.


13 Mar         Allan & Charlie dive Twin Reef and Otterferry in Loch Fyne.


20 Mar         Bistro for diving and all day breakfast


27 Mar         Dives at Fanbelt Alley,


31 Mar         Thursday night dives at Conger Alley, Loch Long with Beryl


3 April          Two dives at 'The Rats'


10 April        Dives at Garrien and Lephinmore


17 April        Two dives at Fanbelt Alley


21 April        Evening dive for Charlie, Billy & Alex at Finnart, Loch Long


24 April        Dives at 13 Mile Reef and Twin Reef, Loch Fyne


1 May           Two dives from BDO's RIB on Kilbride Islands, Loch Fyne


8 May           Two dives at 'The Rats' Loch Fyne


14 May         Dives at Bass Rock and The Yetts for Alex on MV Pegasus, Dunbar


15 May         Dives at Twin Reef and Scallop City, Loch Fyne


19 May         Evening dive for Charlie, Billy & Alex at The Caves, Loch Long


25 May         One dive at Drishaig


 3 to 6 June  Alex joins Rebel Alliance for four days of diving the Small Isles on

                        MV Peregrine, based at the Port Mor Hotel on Isle of Muck


5 June         Dives at Twin Reef and 'The Rats'


9 June         Evening dive at Finnart, Loch Long


12 June        Two dives at Garrien, Loch Fyne


19 June        Breda and Hispania from MV Brendan, Sound of Mull


26 June        One dive at Fan Belt Alley, Loch Fyne


30 June        One dive at Drishaig


3 July           Dives at Fan Belt Alley and Garrien


10 July         Dives at Drishaig and the Council Yard. Fantastic viz


13 July         Evening dive for Scott, Charlie & Alex at St Catherines


17 July             Two dives at the Council Yard, Loch Fyne and a dive at Twin Piers


20 July             Evening dive at Midletters. Thornback Rays


24 July             Back to the Council Yard


31 July             Dives at Garrien and Otter Ferry


4 August          Evening dive at Twin Piers


7 August          Two dives at Twin Reef.  Big haul of shellfish


14 August        Dives at Loch Shira and Drishaig.


21 August       Dives at Fanbelt Alley and Twin Reef


28 August       Two dives at the Bistro. More all day breakfasts


2 to 12 Sept   17 dives for Charlie in Marmaris with Octopus Divers and Paradise Dive Club


3 Sept              Alan Methven, Billy and DemonDave dive walls off Jura on MV Farsein


3 & 4 Sept        Alex joins Rebel Alliance for two days diving on MV Peregrine. Tapti,

                         Aurania and Pinnacles off Ardnamurchan


18 Sept           Two dives at the Council Yard then another dive at the Platforms


22 Sept            Alex & Mark go for an evening dive at A Frames, Finnart, Loch Long


25 Sept           Dives at the Platforms and Lephinmore


1 & 2 Oct         DemonDave dives the Farne Islands. Crackin' weekend with seals


2 Oct                Allan Methven & John Docherty dive Twin Reef and Scallop City, Loch Fyne


9 Oct                Platforms and Lephinmore, Loch Fyne


16 Oct              Otter Ferry for scallops and St Catherines


23 Oct              Two dives in Tarbert Bay, Loch Fyne


30 Oct              Two dives at Garrien.  Watched a family of otters playing in the sea about

                         20' from shore for about 30 minutes.


5 & 6 Nov         Alex & Alan R join Rebel Alliance for a weekend of diving from the MV Peregrine,

                         based at Morvern Dive Lodge, Lochaline.  A cracking weekend.


6 Nov               Firth of Clyde, Skelmorlie Bay as the ferry to Big Cumbrae was off


20 Nov             Dives at Lephinmore and Garrien


27 Nov             Dives at Lephinmore and Scallop City


4 Dec               Dives at Fan Belt Alley


11 Dec             Dives at Twin Reef and Otter Ferry


18 Dec             One dive at Creag a Phuill by Strachur






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