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                                       Dumbarton SAC: Dive Diary 2010


3 January          First dive of the year at North Garrien for Charlie and Alan, but no ‘blue fellas’.  Poor                           visibility due to recent heavy rain.


4 January          Charlie dived from the Puffin fast RIB, Oban: the Thesis in the Sound of Mull and

                          Heather Island in the Sound of Kerrera.


17 January        Training at the Bottle Bank for 2 Sport Diver trainees and then onto Twin Reef.                               Freezing cold, sunny calm day.  Great visibility on Twin Reef. 9 degrees.


24 January        Two dives at Fan Belt Alley.  Overcast with increasing wind and waves during

                          the second dive.  Lots of nudibranch eggcases on the seabed.


31 January        Dive at Garrien then onto dive Gortein Point.


7 February        Training dive at Bistro then onto dive Loch Shira. Trip reports by Dan in 'Forum'.


14 February      Dive at Drishaig and then back to Loch Shira.


21 February     Two dives at John's Corner.  Lovely clear calm sunny day.  Freezing air temp

                         and 8 degrees in the water


28 February     Dive at Garrien then onto John's Corner rather than Scallop City as Charlie's 

                        navigation is not what it was.  Chilly 6 degrees


7 March           Dives at Fanbelt Alley and Scallop City with lots of dogfish.  See Charlie's Trip  

                        Report in 'Forum'.


14 March         Two dives by Tarbert Loch Fyne, See Allan's Trip report in 'Forum'.


21 March      Dive at the Bistro followed by a 'Blue Fella' hunt at Loch Shira.


25 March      Evening dive for Charlie & Doupy at the Caves.  Alex wimped out with

                   acute chest pain due to a pneumonia.


28 March      Two dives at Gortein Croft, Loch Fyne


4 April          Two dives at Drishaig, Loch Fyne


11 April        Sunny hot day.  Two dives on Great Cumbrae at Cameron's Point, 

                   and the Marine Research Station Slipway.  Great craic - see Trip

                   report in 'Forum'.


18 April        Training dive at St Catherine Reef followed by a dive at Thirteen mile Reef,

                   Loch Fyne.


22 April        Evening dives at Finnart and 29 Steps, Loch Long.  Trip report in 'Forum'


25 April        RIB dives at Barmore Point and Minard Bay Wall, Loch Fyne


2 May           Tom and Derek dived at Drishaig, Loch Fyne. 

                    Five club members went on a weekend Boat Handling Course in Greenock


6 May           Evening dives for Alex and Alan Robertson at Twin Piers.

                   Trip report in 'Forum'


9 May          RIB dives at Unnamed sites by Stallion Rock and Kilbride Islands.

                  Five club members went on a weekend Boat Handling Course in Greenock

                        Trip report in 'Forum'


13 May        Evening dive for Charlie and Alex at Gortein Croft.


15 May        Two dives for Alex on MV Pegasus, from Dunbar, on Isle of May,

                   Firth of Forth


16 May        Dives at Fan Belt Alley and Scallop City.


23 May           More dives at Fan Belt Alley and Scallop City.


 27 May       Evening dive for Charlie and Alex at Gortein Croft.


30 May           Training dive at Bistro then onto dive Loch Shira.  Trip report in Forum.


3 June       Evening dive for Charlie and Alex at Glen Douglas Road End.


6 June       Dived Thesis, Hispania and Ardtornish Point Wall from MV Peregrine. 

                 See Trip Report and photos.


10 June      Evening dive at The Caves for Charlie & Alex


13 June      Training dives at Drishaig, Loch Fyne.  Alex Sheppard is now a Sports Diver


 16 June    Master Diver training dive for Alex by Charlie at Glen Douglas Road End.


20 June      Scot SAC Solstice dives at Bistro


4 July         No one out as chucking it down all day


8 July          Two Evening dives at A Frames, Loch Long for Alex & Alan Robertson


11 July       No one out as World Cup Final and T in the Park


15 July        Two Evening Dives at Conger Alley, Loch Long for Alex & Alan Robertson


18 July        Two dives at Garrien, Loch Fyne


25 July        Only Charlie out so he joined another group diving at Finnart


1 August     Dives at Lephinmore and Fanbelt Alley


5 August     Evening dive at A Frames/ Finnart for Charlie, Mark, Gordon & Davy


8 August     Master Diver training dive for Gordon & Alex as part of two dives at

                  Fanbelt Alley, Loch Fyne. 


12 August   Master Diver training for Alex by Charlie at Glen Douglas Road End. 

                  Clabby Doo collecting for Mark, Gordon & Davy.


15 August   Great day out at Great Cumbrae for 12. Marine Research Station Slip and

                  Wishing WellSee photos and trip report


19 August   Evening dive for Charlie & Davy at Twin Piers, Loch Long.


22 August   RIB dives on FM rock and Barmore Point. Loch Fyne.  Excellent wall

                  on the first dive.


26 August   Master Diver training for Alex by Charlie at 29 Steps, Loch Long. 

                  Poor viz cut the dive for Alex Sheppard, Gordon & Davy.


29 August    Dives at Loch Shira and Drishaig.


2 Sept         Evening dive at Twin Piers Loch Long.


4 Sept         Two dives on Garvellachs for Alex on MV Farsein from Craobh Haven


5 Sept         Dives at Lephinmore and Twin Reef, Loch Fyne.


10 Sept        Friday evening dive at Twin Piers.


12 Sept       Dives at Cove, Loch Long for Billy and John D.  See Billy's blog 'In the

                   water, dive at laybye, Cove 12/9/10'.


16 Sept        Another evening dive lobster hunting at Twin Piers. See Charlie's blog 'Seal

                   at Twin'.


19 Sept        Two dives at Garrien.  See Iain's blog 'Garrien on a Sunday'.


21 Sept        Evening dive at Twin Piers, Loch Long


26 Sept         Dives at Loch Shira and Coastguard Station, Cove, Loch Long       


26 Sept        A week liveaboard diving on the Galapagos Islands for Alex. 

                   See trip report.


30 Sept       A weeks diving for Charlie with Octopus diving, Icemeler/Marmaris, Turkey     

 10th Oct       Diving Sound of Mull on Brendan.  Thesis and Rondo.  See Iains trip report


14 Sept         Evening dive at The Caves, Loch Long


17 Oct          Dives at Council Yard, and John's Corner, Loch Fyne.


21 Oct          Evening dive at Conger Alley for Charlie and Alex


24 Sept         Dives at Fanbelt Alley and 'The Rats', Loch Fyne


31 Sept             Dives at the Bistro, Loch Fyne and Loch Shira


7 Nov                 Two dives at Loch Shira


15 to 22 Nov      Club trip on MV Snapdragon, Red Sea.  See Trip report, photos and video.


28 Nov               No diving as thick new snow. A82 closed with 200 stranded.


5 Dec                 Still no diving due to snowy/ icy roads


12 Dec               Two dives at Lephinmore and Scallop City, Loch Fyne on a sunny frosty calm day

















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