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                                     Dumbarton SAC: Dive diary 2009

4 Jan              Dive at Gortein Point, Loch Fyne then back for a dive at The Caves, Loch Long. 

                       Lots of plumose anemones, wrasse and cod at The Caves.  New rope in tunnel – bet

                       it will be gone soon.


8 Jan              Night dive at Conger Alley, Loch Long for Alex and Gordon who set up the ‘Conger

                       Alley’ Scottish Diving Forum.


11 Jan            Two dives at The Bistro.  Training dive for John.  Lots of wrasse and Pollock.

                       Hundreds of common prawns on the second dive.


15 Jan            Night dive at Finnart, Loch Long for Alex


18 Jan            Dive at Garrien.  Snow. 


22 Jan            Night dive at Finnart, Loch Long for Alex.


25 Jan            Two training dives at Fan Belt Alley.  Lots of nudibranchs. 


1 Feb              Two dives at Garrien.  Usual life including sunstars, congers, crabs and nudibranchs.


8 Feb              Dive at The Bistro then onto Loch Shira.


15 Feb            Dive at Lephimore and then at ‘The Platforms”.  Platforms divesite is mixed sand and

                       small bouldery reefs.


22 Feb            Training dive at Bistro with Davy doing compass skills.  Second dive at Bistro after

                       All Day Breakfast.


1 March          RIB dives on Kilbride Islands and Kilbride Point.  Launch at Strathlachan.  Lots of life.


8 March          Training dive at  St Catherines with John doing compass skills.  Small Thornback Ray.


10 March        Alex on week’s liveaboard on MV Nautica, diving the Similan

to 14 March    Islands and Richlieu Rock, Thailand.   See report on ‘Forum’.


13 March        Two dives on Puffin RIB for Charlie: MV Breda, Ardmuckinish Bay  and Heather Island

                       in Kerrera Sound.  Weather too foul to dive in the Sound of Mull.  Dived Hold Nos 2

                       and 4 on MV Breda.


15 March        Dive at Fan Belt Alley


22 March        Dive at The Platforms finding a large plough anchor and old mooring.  Second dive at

                       Lephinmore. 8 degrees on both dives.


29 March        First dive at Loch Shira.  Dragonet and Red Gurnard.


5 April             Two dives at Drishaig.  Alan finished last Open Water dive of BI course.


12 April           Dive on Rubha Na Croiche and then Bagh Fearnoch, Loch Riddon.  Lots of life on

                       wall but not much in the bay.


18 April           Two dives for Alex on Trail Island, and Powerpole, Wee Cumbrae from John Teevan’s

                        MV Flying Eagle.  Excellent scenic diving.


19 April            Two dives at Fan Belt Alley.  Lots of usual small life.  Found an ankle weight lost by a

                        trainee 6 months ago.


23 April            Night dive at Council Yard for Alex and Alan R.


26 April            Two dives at Rubha Loiste and Bay, Tarbert.  Lots of small life and some debris from



3 May               Two dives at Garrien.


10 May            Dive at Bay Cottage.  Charlie was stung in face by Lions Mane Jellyfish. 

                        Second dive at Fan Belt Alley.


17 May            Two training dives at Council Yard.  Nicole’s first Open Water dive.                       


24 May            First dive at Bottle Bank and second dive at Scallop City.  Two very large Cod at

                        Scallop City.


28 May            Evening dive for Charlie and Alex at Scallop City


31 May            RIB dive into Minard Bay diving the wall.  John finished his Open Water dives for his

                        Sport Diver award.  Second dive on Seal Island dropping onto the wall.


7 June             First dive at Otter Ferry.  Shallow and sandy.  Buzzed by a large Grey Seal.

                       Second dive at Garrien.


13 June           Two dives for Alex at St Abbs: Anemone Gully and Black Carrs, on Billy Aichison’s

                       MV Wavedancer II.  Great dives.  Several Wolf fish.


14 June           Training dive at Drishaig.  Nicole practicing air sharing skills.  Second scenic dive at



21 June           Two dives at The Bistro as part of the Scot SAC Solstice Dive.  Bistro was stowed

                        out with divers.


28 June           Sport Diver training dive at Fan Belt Alley


23 June           Summer holiday for Charlie diving with European Sea Sports,

to 5 July          Marmaris, Turkey


11 July            Epic evening.  Uneventful dive on Trail Island from MV Flying Eagle.  John Teevan

                       followed an epic chase around Wee Cumbrae in dying light for a distress call finally

                       found a speedboat from Arran with dead engine after going on a wild goose chase

                       according to their directions.


12 July            Two Sport diver training dives at Bottle Bank


16 July            Evening scallop dive at North Garrien


19 July            Dive at Gortein Point then two dives at Twin Reef                       


30 July            Evening dive at Twin Reef


2 August         Two training dives at The Bistro.  Excellent all day breakfast and currant slices


9 August         Two training dives at Council Yard


13 August       Evening dive at Twin Reef           


16 August       RIB dive from BDO new RIB.  Launch Strachur.  Bar Mor Wall and Kenmore Wall. 

                       Got soaked by a massive wave en route.


22 August       Two dives for Alex on NE Bass Rock and Dunbar Finger Gullies from MV Pegasus,



23 August        Two training dives at Fan Belt Alley


27 August        Evening dive at Fan Belt Alley for Alex and Alan R


30 August        Two shore dives at Deep Bouldery Reef  (new site) and Garrien for Alex and Alan R

                        as rest were RIB diving


30 August        BDO RIB dive.  Needed two trips for number of divers:  Kilbride Islands and Minard

                        Bay.  Excellent although long day.            


3 Sept              Evening dive at Upper Garrien with two of Vale BSAC club


6 Sept              Two training dives at Drishaig


13 Sept            BDO RIB dives at Bar Mor Point and Kilbride Point.  Excellent dives


19 Sept            Two dive for Alex on Cregach Wall and Unnamed Wall, Sound of Shuna on Dave

                        Ainsley’s MV Porpoise II.  Too rough in the Firth of Lorne to go to Garvellachs.           


20 Sept            BDO RIB dives on Stallion Rock and Bar Mor Point.  Excellent dive on Stallion Rock


4 Oct               Training dives at The Bistro and then Loch Shira.


11 Oct             Lots of scallops during two dives in Tarbert Bay


18 Oct             Two Sport diver training dives at Drishaig                       


22 Oct             Evening dive at Finnart, Loch Long for Alex and Alan R


25 Oct             Big turnout to dive Lions Rock and Wishing Well, Big Cumbrae


1 Nov              Two dives for Alex at Skelly Hole and Black Carrs, St Abbs on Billy Aitchison’s

                        MV Wavedance II           


2 Nov               Dive at Twin Reef then North Garrien


9 Nov               Club annual overseas trip on MV Snapdragon,                                   

to 14 Nov         North Red Sea.  Trip report in ‘Forum’


22 Nov            Training dives at The Bistro and Drishaig


29 Nov            Dive at Garrien


6 Dec               Dive at Fan Belt Alley and at Scallop City


13 Dec            Dive at St Catherines then three of us continued to Lephinmore 


20 Dec            Two dives at Fan Belt Alley in the snow.  Ony two went in for the second dive.

                        BDO decided to provide ‘shore cover’           


27 Dec            Last dives of the year at Fan Belt Alley and Scallop City                                   


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