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                                      Dumbarton SAC: Dive Diary 2008

2 Jan          First dives of the year at Bottle Bank and Charlies Reef.


4 Jan          Two night dives for alex at Finnart, Loch Long


6 Jan          Two dives at Garrien. 9 degrees


13 Jan        Two dives at The Bistro


15 Jan        Night dive at The Caves, Loch Long for Alex


20 Jan        Dives at Council Yard and Garrien.


22 Jan        Night dive at Conger Alley, Loch Long for Alex


27 Jan        Two dives at Kenmore.  First along the point.  Second onto the south wall. 

                   Excellent dives.


3 Feb          Two dives at Drishaig.  Sport Diver training.  Charlies eight hundredth dive with club.


10 Feb        Two dives at Garrien South.  Strong current on second dive.


17 Feb        Two dives at The Bistro. 8 degrees.


24 Feb        Dived Rubha Na Croiche, Loch Riddon and the Old Slip, Caladh Harbour. 

                   Excellent headland wall dive although long.  Old Slip rock steps then onto mud.


2 March      Two dives at The Bistro.  Master Diver training.


6 March      Two evening dives for alex at Finnart, Loch Long.


8 March      Club dives at Mealdarroch Point and SE Barmore Island from Malcolm Goodchild’s

                   MV Little Blue.  Two good scenic dives.  Trip report in ‘Forum’


16 March    Two dives at Council Yard.  Second dive onto small shallower Reef.


18 March    Two night dives on Twin Piers, Loch Long for Alex


23 March    Dives at Drishaig and Loch Shira.  Master Diver Training.  Big Lumpsucker at Loch Shira.


27 March    Evening dive at St Catherines Reef.  Sport Diver training.


31 March    Two dives for Charlie on Puffin RIB:  Rondo, Sound of Mull, and Heather Island in

                   Kerrera Sound.  Excellent wreck dive.


1 April         Two dives for Charlie on Puffin RIB:  Shuna, Sound of Mull, and Ard Na Cuile headland

                   in Kerrera Sound.  Excellent wreck dive going into coal filled hold and engine room.


3 April         Evening dive at Bottle Bank.  Sport Diver training.  Watched porpoises in Loch Fyne

                   after dive.


4 April         Two night dives at Finnart, Loch Long for Alex


6 April         Dives at The Bistro and Loch Shira.  Scot SAC Training day at The Bistro.


8 April         Evening dive at Knockderry, Loch Long for Alex


13 April       Dogfish Dive, Furnace followed by dive at Loch Shira.  Very bad visibility at Loch Shira

                   due to algal bloom.


19 April       Two dive for Alex on Malcolm Goodchild’s MV Little Blue:  Torpedo Reef and

                    Buck Island.  Two good dives.  Lots of scallops.


20 April        Training dive at St Catherines Hotel Jetty doing Long Stride entry and Rescue Skills

                     with Danielle.  Then onto Council Yard for second dive.


24 April         Evening dive at Knockderry, Loch Long for Alex


27 April         Two dives at Garrien.


29 April         Two evening dives at Finnart, Loch Long for Alex


1 May           Evening dive at St Catherines.  Still only 8 degrees.


3 May           5 Bells Diving, Loch Carron for Alex and Alan R

to 4 May       Fantastic weekend.  Great diving but also a great place to visit.

                     Trip report on ‘Forum’


8 May           Evening dive at Bottle Bank.  Danielle’s last Sport Diver training dive.


11 May         Dive at Council Yard then onto Loch Goilhead rockface as an exploratory dive.


17 May         Two dive for Alex on Powerpole, and Trail Island, Wee Cumbrae  on John Teevan’s

                     MV Flying Eagle.


15 May         Dive at Achnatra, Loch Fyne.


18 May         Two dives at Bottle Bank


18 May         Exploratory dive North Buck Island, Loch Fyne for Alex


22 May         Dive at Drishaig. 


25 May         Dive at Conger Alley, Loch Fyne.


1 June          Two exploratory dives at Loch Caolisport.  Shallow sandy, kelpy sites.           


6 June          Two evening dives at St Abbs for Alex on Cathedral Rock and Big Green Carr. 

                     Excellent lead on both dive by Chris Reid.  Took us straight to the arch at

                     Cathedral Rock.


5 June          Evening dive at Garrien.    Big congers.


12 June        Two dives at Fan Belt Alley.


21 June        Two dives on Malcolm Goodchild’s MV Little Blue.  On The Garden, by the ferry jetty

                     at Portavadie then Ivy Wall Reef with lots of congers under big boulders.


22 June        Two dives at The Bistro on Scot SAC Solstice Dive.


26 June        Evening dive at Gortein point


28 June        Evening dive at Rubha Loistge, Tarbert.


29 June        Evening dive at Bottle Bank.


2 July           Summmer holiday for Charlie diving with European Sea Sports,

to 11 July     Marmaris, Turkey


10 July          Dive at Lephinmore then Strachur War Memorial.


17 july           Evening dives at Loch Shira then Drishaig.


20 July          Dives at Fan Belt Alley in strong current and then at Bottle Bank.


27 July          Two dives at Council Yard.  First Open Water dive for Debbie.


31 July          Two dives with Indigo Bay Dive Centre, Bazaruto Island

                     Mozambique for Alex


3 August       Dives at Garrien and Twin Reef.  12 degrees.  Lots of snagged fishing lines at Twin Reef


6 August       Dive at Arden Bay, Loch Lomond  for a mooring chain.


7 August       Evening dive at Twin Reef.  Dogfish attacked BDO.


10 August     Dive at The Bistro then back diving Loch Shira.  Lots of Fireworks anemones at

                     Loch Shira.


17 August     Two dives at Garrien.  Pollock and Cod.  Lion’s Mane Jellyfish.


24 August     Dives at Loch Shira then Drishaig.  Excellent visibility at Drishaig.


28 Aug          Evening dive at Drishaig.  Joined by a couple of Vale BSAC divers.


31 Aug          Two dives at Council Yard.  Excellent visibility.  Congers and Thornback Rays.


31 Aug          Alex on week liveaboard on MV Sea Queen,           

to 5 Sept       Maldives.  Full report in ‘Forum’.


 4 Sept          Evening dive at Council Yard for Charlie and Danielle.  Thornback Rays.


7 Sept           Dive at Bistro with lots of other Scot SAC and Aquatron trainees.  Then dive at

                     Loch Shira.  Better visibility in Loch Shira.


11 Sept         Evening dive at Garrien for Charlie and Alex.


14 Sept         Dive at Fan Belt Alley and then at Scallop City.  Usual sea loch small life.


20 Sept         Two dives for Alex at Garvellachs, Fith of Lorne: Eagles and Steps from Dave Ainsley’s

                      MV Porpoise II.  Great day’s diving.


21 Sept          Training dive at Council Yard for Debbie.  Second dive at Scallop City


24 Sept          Evening dive for Charlie, Alan & Alex at Scallop City.  Good visibility until darkness fell.


28 Sept          Two dives at Bistro following usual diveplan.  As always, congers, wrasse and Pollock.


5 Oct              Two training dives at Fan Belt Alley for Debbie then third dive on same site. 


12 Oct            Dive at Council Yard and then onto St Catherines.  Lots of langoustine at Council Yard.


5 Oct              Two dives for Alex on Wee Cumbrae: Trail Island and Maggies Rock from John

                       Teevan’s MV Flying Eagle.  Great day’s diving.


22 Oct            Night dive for Alex and Alan R at Portencross


26 Oct            Dive at Bottle Bank in poor visibility.  Second dive at Fan Belt Alley.  Strong current

                       on surfacing to exit.


2 Nov              Two night dives at Finnart, Loch Long for Alex and AlanR


9 Nov             Club overseas trip on MV Orchid, North Red Sea.  Full report in ‘Forum’


23 Nov           One dive at Council Yard.  Snowing.  Choppy sea.


30 Nov           Dive at Fan Belt Alley and then onto Scallop City.  Usual sea loch small life.


30 Nov           Two dives at Ardcastle Jetty and The Bistro on the second day of Alex’s Seasearch

                       Course.  See full report in Forum.  Really enjoyed this course.


7 Dec              Dive at Garrien and then Scallop City.


14 Dec            Two dives at Council Yard.  First open water training dive for John.  Gordon lost

                       camera on first dive.  Camera not found.  Tom slipped on way in and caused a

                       massive bruise - the size of half a melon - on his hip.


20 Dec            Two shore dives in Loch Riddon: Rubha Na Croiche  and Bagh Feornach for Alex and

                        Dave Tomlin.  Took Dunoon ferry rather than drive down Cowal from Rest and be

                        Thankful.  Excellent headland dive.


21 Dec            Dive at Drishaig.  Large shoal of cod and lots of egg bearing edible crabs.


28 Dec            Training dive for John at St Catherines, then over top of Loch Fyne onto Loch Shira

                        for second dive. Last dive of the year.




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